• Management of amusement Arcades

Range of our business

  • Construction

  • Management

  • Design

ASMO conducts management, designs and constructions of amusement facilities and total support for operating amusement arcade.
Amusement is widely known to families, elderly people and foreign tourists and we will contribute to society as our service providing our customers to smile, and the development of "entertainment" culture.

  • Utilization of idle land

    We have numbers of achievement in amusement business for over 40 years. We will support owners to utilize thier idle lands efficiently through creating "entertainment" space on the basis of our experties.

  • Equipment maintenance

    We provide a engineering service to ensure that the best and optimum gaming machines, available at all times.

  • Support for stable management and operation

    We provide the full management system that reflects to the concept of ASMO.