It takes effort
to climb to the top

Proffesional Golfer Ha Neul Kim is a talented and famous player representing JLPGA.
Although our company is in a field of gaming operation, our goal to be #1 in our field and Ms.Kim's goal is to climb to the top in her field sharing the common attitude that puts constant effort toward the goal. As long as there is strong shared common attitube between spirit of our company and Ms.Kim's, we are delighted to support her as a sponsor.

Professional golfer キム・ハヌル(Kim Ha Neul)

Professional golfer
Ha Neul Kim


  • belong to : HITE JINRO
  • birthday: December 17, 1988
  • Height & weight: 169cm, 52Kg
  • blood type: A
  • professional debut: 2006 (KLPGA)

Smile for appreciation.

Proffesional Golfer Ha Neul Kim is not only a strong player but always has a beautiful smile on her face which earned her the title "Smile queen".
Since our company is a service provider, our principle is "when we meet with our customers, We smile, and We take smiling very seriously
Without respect and appreciation, it is difficult to have a great smile for others. We find it in player Ms.Kim's smile.

Be a global entertainer

As a gaming operations company, 30 % of our company's sales share are accounted for by customers from Korea, China, Taiwan and other south east Asian countries. We are hoping to promote our company's products to these multi national customers through Ms.Kim's fighting spirits and beautiful smile.

Winning history

2017 Suntory Ladies
World ladies championship (official game)
Cyber Agent Ladies
2016 LPGA tour championship Ricoh cup (official game)
AXA Ladies in Miyazaki
2015 Munsingwear Ladies Tokai Classic
2013 MBN-KYJ Golf Ladies Open
2012 RUSH& CASH Charity Open Classic
【2012 KLPGA Money Queen】
2011 KLPGA All Star Game
E-Daily KYJ Golf Ladies Open
Gendai Construction, Seol Economic Ladies Open
【2011 KLPGA Money Queen】
2008 SK Energy Invitational
Phoenix Park Classic
Heel State Sogyon Ladies Open
2006 Zenia Enzon Golf Tour